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Dear Friend,


Since 2014 our Bountiful Blessing Basket program has serviced eighty families, which means we have been able to feed three hundred people in the past three years for the Thanksgiving Season. The first year's goal was to distribute ten Bountiful Blessing Baskets and were so inspired by the gratitude people expressed when they received their baskets we made a commitment to continue our Bountiful Blessing Basket program annually.   How exciting!! What an honor and gift to be able to bless so many.

Our goal for 2017 is to feed 100 households, which means will help feed a total of one thousand two hundred people!  


We cannot accomplish this without all of us working together.


When you sponsor a family you then share in blessing a family with one complete Bountifully Blessed Basket! The  average costs for each basket is $60.00 each, therefore to reach our 2017 goal We need to raise $6,000. What we are proposing is for 300 people to give just  $20.00 or that 100 people sponsor a family @ $60.00. Coming together this way makes this goal totally attainable. Just pick and choose how you would like to participate in blessing a family. Of course, all monetary donations of any size are acceptable and appreciated. Whichever way you decide to partner with us, just know that it is deeply appreciated. Please follow our link below to make your tax-deductible donation.


Please advise if you wish to remain anonymous.

Have a wonderfully blessed, prosperous and safe year!
In trusting partnership,
Lolita Glass, Executive Director
People’s Organization for Strategic Excellence, Inc.

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